La Quinta Fritz Burns Pool – Water Fitness

Water Areobics

Water Aerobics Sessions

June 12th – August 26th

Water Aerobics Times

7:30am – 8:15am T/TH
6:30pm – 7:15pm M/W

Water Aerobics Fee

$6.00 – Adult Drop-in
$25.00 – Adult 5-Punch Card – SAVE $5!

Get more out of your workout & join us in the water for a high energy full body fitness class. Enhance your flexibility, range of motion, and increase your cardio vascular fitness while utilizing the waters’ natural buoyancy & resistance. Realize better muscle tone and improved conditioning while having fun in the water! The viscosity of the water allows you to push, pull, jump, run, and play much harder than on land. You’ll feel the difference and enjoy the pool too. Aqua shoes recommended.

Summer Splash Ball Team

Splash Ball Sessions

June 10th – 24th
July 1st – July 15th
July 22nd – August 5th
August 12th – August 26th

Splash Ball Times

1:00pm – 2:00pm – Saturdays

Splash Ball Team Fee: $25

3 Saturdays Per Session

Splash Ball is a beginning USA Water Polo Youth Water Polo program that introduces dribbling, passing, shooting and scrimmaging. If you are interested in your child learning the exciting sport of water polo, sign up for this fun and popular program today! Space is limited so register quickly!