Youth & Government

During the program students will have the opportunity to:

  • Campaign to bring about political and social change. 
  • Meet students from all over California
  • Debate both state and national issues
  • Vote in state elections
  • Write a legislative bill
  • Argue a court case in front of a real judge 
  • Run for state and local offices 

Though things may look a bit different this year for the statewide Youth & Government program, it will not stop us from discussing new ideas, meeting new friends and providing a platform for your voice to be heard. 

There will be plenty of opportunities to meet and socialize with delegates from all over the state as well as the opportunity to apply or run for leadership positions within all three sessions, which of course includes the statewide election of your 75th Youth Governor! 

A program designed to give students a hands-on experience learning about State Government (keep reading, it’s more fun than it sounds). During the program students will debate ideas, write a Legislative Bill, argue a court case, and meet new people from across California (see, doesn't that sound interesting). The YMCA’s who participate in Youth & Government meet over two weekend conferences for training and to elect officers. In February, all the students take over the State Capitol buildings and court rooms for the Model Legislature and Court. Through the process, students learn public speaking, organization, problem solving and time management (and build lasting friendships with other students from across the valley and state).




San Pablo Y

Start Date:

September 14, 2021




6:00 pm