Youth & Government


Ideas Into Action

Leadership    Activism     Unity


We will provide a hands on experience of students to learn more about how they can be advocates for change, Federal, State, Local government. Students will also grow and learn as young leader in their community.


During the program students will have the opportunity to:

  • Campaign to bring about political and social change. 
  • Meet students from all over California
  • Debate both state and national issues
  • Vote in state elections
  • Write a legislative bill
  • Argue a court case in front of a real judge 
  • Run for state and local offices 

Though things may look a bit different this year for the statewide Youth & Government program, it will not stop us from discussing new ideas, meeting new friends and providing a platform for your voice to be heard. This year's Model Legislature & Court program delegates will have the chance to participate in different program tracks during three main sessions: Fall, Winter & Spring. 

There will be plenty of opportunities to meet and socialize with delegates from all over the state as well as the opportunity to apply or run for leadership positions within all three sessions, which of course includes the statewide election of your 74th Youth Governor! 

FALL SESSION: Activating Your Political Voice 
Session Dates: October 26th - December 3rd
Conference Dates: December 3rd - 5th
During the Fall Session, we'll start the year off discussing issues we face as a nation. Within small groups made up of delegates from California and beyond, you will work together to identify new and innovative solutions to our country's problems. In a fast pace and accelerated conference you'll take the first step to create real change.

WINTER SESSION: Bringing It Back To The State
Session Dates: January 11th - February 11th
Conference Dates: February 11th -13th

During the Winter Session, it's back to what California YMCA Youth & Government is known for - a state focus. Have an idea on how to make California a better place? Want to head into the courtroom? Maybe you'd like to figure out how to effectively balance our state's budget. No matter what your interests are, we have the program track that will give you the chance to research and tackle the various problems facing your community and state.