Day Camps

Day Camps

Location: Palm Desert YMCA, 43-930 San Pablo Ave
Times: 7:30am - 5:30pm
Cost: $100 per week (*With some exceptions below)

Day Camp Registration Form

Note: The completed day camp registration form must be submitted to member services on your child’s first day of camp. Registration of a day camp is NOT confirmed until payment has been made for your specified camp dates.




November 11,2019*
Adventure Camp

November 25-27,2019
Thanksgiving Break Adventure Camp

Dec 23 & 26-27, 2019
Winter Break Adventure
Legos, Action Hero
5 - 12

Dec 30-31 & Jan 2-3*
Winter Break Adventure Camp, Slime,
Dodgeball Camp
5 - 12

Jan.20, 2020*
Adventure Camp
5 - 12

Jan 24, 2020*
Adventure Camp
5 - 12

Feb 10, 2020*
Adventure Camp
5 - 12

April 13-17, 2020*
Spring Break Nerf Tag, Splash
5 - 12

*Price for 1 Day Adventure Camp is $35.00
*Price for Dec 30-31; 2-3 is $130.00
*Price for April 13-17 is $170.00

Payment in full is due by 6:00 pm on the Thursday prior to the start of camp to ensure that proper staffing and supplies are in place for camp. A $10 late fee will be applied to all registrations accepted after that deadline.

Annual YMCA Registration Fee is:
$30 per camper or $60 per family

Credit Statement: A PROGRAM CREDIT is issued for any participant cancellation.
A REFUND is given ONLY when the YMCA cancels the activity.

About Our Camps

Adventure Camp

Adventure camp is for campers who believe variety is the spice of life. Campers won’t miss a beat as they are encouraged to participate in variety of experiments, games and fun activities. This summer camp will open campers eyes as they keep their minds active. Campers will attend a trip and visit the Palm Desert Aquatic Center each week.

Action Hero

Becoming an action hero is a thrilling exercise in overcoming fears! Campers learn to do stunts and discover what it's like to be a world-class action hero. After five days of mastering stunt techniques, campers can entertain their fellow campers with special stunt performances.

Sports Academy

Sports fans, you will love this camp. Each day we will learn the rules, practice skills and compete in different sports. These will be games you know and some new games. Have fun while learning teamwork, sportsmanship, fundamentals, and more. Games will include Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Football and more.

Lego Master Builders

Calling all Master Builders! Using these classic building blocks, design and build a variety of constructions including machines, catapults, pyramids, demolition derby cars, truss and suspension bridges, and buildings. Explore concepts in physics, engineering and architecture. Build curved shapes with rectangular bricks. Learn tricks and tips used to build LEGOLAND, then try your hand!

Fashion Week

Do you have an eye for the next hot fashion? Well... then this is "wear" you should be! We start with your ideas and end with a fashion show. Explore different materials and styles. Each day, designers will take part in fashion challenges that will put your creativity to the test. On Friday, get ready for a walk down the runway in the new look you've created.

Groove & Move

Calling all dancers and cheerleaders! Come smile, bounce, jump and dance your way through cheer instruction and a choreographed dance routine. This camp proves to be full of spirit and teamwork for the ultimate dance experience. The squad will end their week with a final performance to showcase their talents that will be posted on Youtube!

Good Eats

Tired of the same old dinners? Well here's your chance to do something about it. You'll learn to follow simple recipes and prepare meals that you can make at home. You will also learn what the kitchen utensils are used for, how to measure ingredients and much, much, more!

Jedi Training

Our program includes all of the basic training a Jedi needs. Children will create their own Jedi character, develop their balance and coordination through fun Jedi training games and, of course, learn to wield a light saber. Students will also learn to pilot a star fighter as well as master Jedi mind tricks. At the end of the week, students will be tested to conclude their training and receive their Jedi certificate!

Splash Camp

This wet, wild and fun camp is sure to keep you busy. We will visit the Palm Desert Aquatic Center each day. Campers will learn water polo, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, water volleyball and more with outstanding YMCA certified lifeguards. Campers will also have use of the water slides. At the end of the week campers will receive a pass to visit the aquatic center for an additional day of fun!


All dodgeball, all the time. Learn new and different ways to play your favorite game. We will play all of your favorite dodgeball games and teach you a few new ones. We use light weight non-sting dodgeballs to avoid any worry of injury. Get yourself in shape for throwing, catching and dodging. Better move quick this camp fills up faster than a throw to the back.


Get ready for a week of messy fun! We will make very kind of slime you can think of as well as a shaving cream slip n' slide, slimy crafts, gooey projects, squishy games and more. A fun day camp with a messy twist. Wear clothes and shoes that can get stained and dirty.

Hero Quest

Ever wonder if you have what it takes to be a hero? Well here's your chance to find out. It takes skills, teamwork, cunning and courage. Spend a week training, creating firepower and strategies for battle. You'll also get a chance to create your own hero character for the camp.

Art Camp

This summer, the Y will be holding an art camp for kids 6 to 12 years old. Everyone will get a chance to create some wonderful works of art. Work with different mediums like Charcoal, Water Colors, Pastels, Sculpture and more. Our artists will also put on an art show at the end of the camp to showcase all their works of art.

Nerf Tag

If action and fast-paced fun is what you're looking for... you've just found it! This camp will give you the opportunity to play different dart games involving strategy and teamwork. The Y will provide everything you need to participate in this great camp such as dart blasters, vision protection and supervision.

Ninja Warrior

Time to stop watching and start doing. We know you've said, "I can do that!". Well here's your chance to prove it! We'll set up the course and you master the obstacles. By Friday we'll see who can hit the buzzer.

Girl Power

Girls can do anything they set their minds to, but sometimes they just want to have fun. This week they'll do both. Everything from learning new skills to nails and hair to just being silly with friends. Come join us for this brand new camp and a week of fun.

Harry Potter

So you've read the books and now you think your ready to learn how to be a wizard? Every wizard needs to go to school. Subjects include: Magic, Potions, Flight, and Spells. Science, fun and magic will be the focus of this school. At the start of the week, all students will create a wand, cape and a magic box to fill with tricks and spells. In addition, you will learn to play the game of Quidditch.

Hot Wheels

Ladies and gentlemen... Start your engines! OK race fans... Spend a week creating race tracks, building cars and fighting for the checkered flag; putting together Hot Wheels race tracks like you've never seen before. We will even build a pinewood derby car and experience fast-paced action on the slot car track. Witness amazing car jumps, spectacular crashes and much more.

Comic Con

We are going to embrace our inner nerd. Play Minecraft games, card games like Magic the gathering and Pokémon. Learn how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Create your own comic book. Dress up in cosplay outfits. Risk, Dungeons & Dragons. We will end the week with our own Comic Con.

Cake Decorating

Here's a week for those with a sweet tooth. Learn tips and tricks to decorating delicious desserts. We'll provide the icing and techniques you provide the inspiration and creativity. Daily contests, themed challenges and showcases are part of the program.


Ever wanted to create your own Youtube video? Well here's your chance. Learn writing, lighting, shooting, and editing your video for Youtube. We'll teach you all the basics so your video will look great. The YMCA will provide everything you'll need: cameras, computers, and software! All you need to come up with is a great idea to make your video the best on the web.

Thanksgiving Break Camp


Winter Break Camp